• What you eat and how much you eat are the key factors


  • Make appropriate decisions about what food you buy at the supermarket – so that when you are at home you will be less likely to eat the wrong things ie simply avoid the biscuit / cake / soft drink / lolly aisles when shopping

  • Reasonable weight loss is within your reach - this could range from 1 – 2 kg per 1 - 2 months, depending on your new eating pattern, the amount of exercise you do and your underlying metabolic rate

  • However it does take EFFORT to achieve any meaningful result and PERSISTENCE to maintain any loss


  • Inability to exercise does NOT prevent weight loss. Any increase in your usual activity level will be of benefit


  • Any sustained loss will be of immense benefit to your health ie a 10% loss that is maintained is FANTASTIC

  • Rebound weight loss can occur if you resume your previous habits